Broken Bow Lake Fishing Guide Service

Thoreau once said, "Everyone should believe in something; I believe I'll go fishing", and if that sums up your idea of a perfect vacation pastime, there's a 21' bass boat on Broken Bow Lake with your name on it!  Whether you're just getting hooked on fishing or are a tournament pro, Broken Bow Lake's wealth of bass and walleye will impress you and licensed expert fishing guide, Bryce Archey will personally teach you the best techniques for catching them. Bryce is a second generation guide and has been fishing the crystal clear waters of Broken Bow Lake since the age of 4. This is your chance to spend a fantastic day on a stunning lake catching great fish with an incredibly knowledgeable and friendly guide. At the end of your guided fishing trip, you will take home valuable tips that will help you to get more out of your own local lakes. 

What's Biting: In this peaceful mountain lake, you will find largemouth, smallmouth, spotted and white bass. Broken Bow Lake is also one of the southernmost locations for walleye - a fish typically associated with more northerly climes. April - May are the best months for catching walleye. Just let Bryce know what you're most interested in catching, and he will customize your excursion to include the most successful spots. Bryce has also teamed up with another local guide to offer special crappie trips in spring and summer. 

Booking Your Guided Fishing Trip: Broken Bow Lake Guide Service operates 365 days a year, and the busiest times are February-November. To ensure booking, make your reservation 6-8 weeks in advance. If your trip to Broken Bow is a last minute getaway, you are welcome to call to discover if Bryce happens to have any open spots during your planned stay. The day before your scheduled fishing trip, you must phone Broken Bow Lake Guide Service to confirm your outing and to get custom directions from your rental cabin at Vacation Broken Bow Lake to the launch location.

Fishing enthusiasts of all ages are welcome. Bryce's 21' bass boat has room for a maximum number of 3 guests. Additional boats can be hired upon request. Broken Bow Lake Guide Service offers 5, 8 and 10-hour guided fishing trips.

What To Bring: Bring your fishing license, rod and reel; Bryce provides the tackle. Once out on the lake, the boat does not return to shore until the end of the trip. You are welcome to bring simple snacks, or lunch in a small, compact cooler. Bottled water and Gatorade are provided. Alcohol is permitted in moderation. Bryce wants to be sure that every guest has a terrific time, and for safety's sake, it's important to remember that this is a fishing boat - not a party boat. 

What To Wear: Remember, it's always a little cooler on the lake. Dress in layers appropriate to the season. A hat and sunscreen are smart to bring along.

Once You've Caught Your Fish: Bryce will clean and bag your fish, which will keep it fresh for a same-day fish fry. If you don't plan to eat your fish until the following day or later, bring an ice chest for safe transportation. Some guests prefer catch-and-release fishing, and that's perfectly fine, too.

About Your Guide: A skilled and personable fishing guide really sets the tone of your trip and Bryce Archey is a true local treasure. Bryce's father, Jimmie, was a professional guide and passed on all he knew about fishing this special lake in the Ouachita Mountains to his son. Bryce went on to earn multiple degrees in college, including a B.A. in Rhetoric Communications with a minor in Health and Physical Education. He returned to Broken Bow and launched his successful guide service in 1995, bringing tremendous energy and a love of teaching to his work. Says Bryce,

"I have just 3 rules on my fishing trips. One, we're going to have a good time. Two, I'm going to teach you something. Three, hopefully, we're going to catch some great fish!"

Bryce has been featured in numerous publications, radio and television shows including Field & Stream, Fishin' Magazine Central Pro-Am, and the Arkansas Democratic Gazette. He is licensed through the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. Booking your time with Broken Bow Lake Guide Service ensures a truly memorable highlight to your visit to our beautiful rental cabins at Vacation Broken Bow Lake. 

Book a Trip:  Visit  or call Bryce at 580-494-6447 or 870-582-4561 (cell). If you don't get an answer, please leave with your name and a contact number.  Bryce will return your call as soon as possible.  Please be patient, he is on the water almost daily in the Spring and Fall, but rest assured, your call WILL be returned.  You can also reach Bryce by email at