Unlike typical spa facilities, the Body Harmony Day Spa offers a multisensory experience. The patented Body Harmony Instrument Bed® utilizes the proven stress-busting power of music: the foundation of the Body Harmony method. The owner, Valerie Skiles, employs innovative, holistic therapies combined with traditional bodywork. Like the beds, her specialized in-house certification program is unique to this spa. As the friendly, professional staff will tell you, a session at Body Harmony is all about your relaxation!


Clients are asked to select a theme from a list of musical soundscapes, combining the peaceful sounds of nature with guitar and piano. The sophisticated sound system featured in your room is synced with the state-of-the-art speakers embedded in the plush instrument beds. The speakers inside the bed allow sound waves to permeate the body—beneficial in reducing pain, releasing endorphins and stimulating healing. During the session, guests need not talk or even lift a finger, as the music creates a meditative state.

During the ninety-minute session, the client is massaged from the top of the head to the soles of the feet with natural, organic products. Therapists use warm, liquefied shea butter, followed by a fine sprinkling of Dead Sea salt for exfoliation. A mask of Dead Sea clay is painted on the face—like the salt, it removes surface impurities and infuses the skin with nourishing trace minerals. Steaming towels leave the skin clean, nourished, and smooth.

After massage, guests are given a luxurious bathrobe to wear. Ladies’ hair will be wrapped in a spa turban—a free gift and fabulous souvenir! Guests are encouraged to wear the turban as long as possible, allowing the hair to fully absorb the beneficial oils. A cleanser with simple directions will be sent home with the client. Don’t forget to ask for a jar of the precious shea butter to take home, as every purchase directly supports cruelty-free and sustainable farming in Africa.


Hochatown offers a variety of outdoor athletic activities, from fly fishing to water skiing on the lake. After a weekend of outdoor play, we think a day of pampering is in order! The Body Harmony Day Spa specializes in stress relief—perfect for anniversaries, a must for your next girls’ trip! Reserve your ninety minute session now, and find out why visitors are making The Body Harmony Day Spa a favorite Hochatown destination!

The Body Harmony Day Spa

(580) 584-6339 /208-2313

Located in the Hochatown Junction Station, The Body Harmony Day Spa offers a multisensory spa experience! We feature choreographed bodywork/massage with patented instrument beds. Groups, couples and individuals welcome! Wi-Fi and Netflix accessible in the private lounge. Gift certificates available. Cash and major credit cards accepted. Located on Highway 259 North across from the Beavers Bend State Park entrance. Call ahead for directions, or visit thier website.